Our concept

Natural products are more effective than conventional products. In order to really take care of your curly hair. Hopefully you are open to try new brands that can help solve your problem.

We aim for an inclusive curly hair journey that is healthier, more enjoyable, more understandable and above all more effective for all textured hair.

Natural products with healthy and plant-based compositions

Natural care products help to restore healthy curly hair. We help you discover and appreciate committed and passionate brands, effective products with healthy compositions. Lots of plant-based products from plants, flowers and trees with multiple benefits to respect the natural beauty of your hair! A wide range, for all needs, whatever your type of textured hair. 

A collaboration with committed brands

It`s very important to have good communication with the brands we offer in our shop, making sure that we have the correct products for you. This means also testing products for you. We select those which we believe that will benefit you. We favour European brands and brands from Switzerland, organic ingredients and natural formulations.

Advice at your fingertips

Driven by a deep desire to help you get the curls you’ve been dreaming of, we are committed to bringing you our knowledge, expertise and the best products. In our Blog posts, Instagram account, TikTok and of cours under each product, you can benefit from advice and tips.

  • When you are not sure, just ask a question in the tab Q&A next/below the ingredients. We will answer your question as quick as possible.
  • Send us an e-mail, with any questions or other matters.
  • You can also leave a written /spoken message via Whatsapp.

How it all started

Helping you celebrate your curly hair naturally, with a selection of products and sharing daily tips. I want to share my passion and experience with you so that you curls become one of your great features. Hi my name is Sharon.

 I come from a period in time where women especially women of color use to curly and straighten their hair with chemicals. I did this as a teenager until my late twenties. After this period, it became normal to wear a wig or use weave. I am so happy that for the last 10 years curly women accepted more and more their natural curls. Meaning curly women with all different curly structures and skin color.

The journey

So one day I stopped putting chemicals in my hair and let my natural hair grow under my weave. Every couple of months I would cut my damaged hair until only strong healthy hair was left.

There are loads of shops out there with curly hair products, but nearly all sellers did not understand what my needs were. This frustration was shared with a lot of curly family members and friends. One big reason why I started Siztaz. I wanted to create a place where people with curly hair can come to, without having to be overloaded with products that might or not be good for their hair. Here you will find products that are all healthy for your hair. We try to limit the amount of brands and make the selection process easier.

The mission of Siztaz is to bring you knowledge, tips and the best products to help you get your natural texture back and to remain this. Being inclusive and celebrate every curly hair type is so important to me. So when you love to wear a wig or weave, braids. That is fine, let me help to take care of your natural hair. Same for you lovelies with wavy or with a bigger curl patten, I am here for you. Check out the products meant for you or write me for any support.

My Wig moment

loving my natural self

Yeah, you made it to the end of my story. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Hope to see you on Instagram, or you might like to say hello and even like my silly TikTok posts.  I am here when you write a mail to ask a question or when you have any suggestions/requests. Perhaps you use a great brand that we have missied? Let me know.

Thank you.

Best regards,


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