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We accompany you on your curl journey

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At Siztaz we push the bounderies of just offering products and Accessories. Giving you new brands to explore, let you be surprised how gorgeous your natural curls can look.
This is your safe place for every curl type. No curl type is more beautiful or important then the other. What you have on your head is your crown and be proud of that, work with what you got. We want to provide you with information and tips for your curl journey and inform you about the effects of the ingredients. Every blog post should be an enrichment for you and make your routine easier.

We source almost all of our curl products and accessories directly from the manufacturers. This means that we are always in regular and personal contact with them.
You can always shop with us safely and without worries.
We always make sure that the ingredients and formulas are up to date.
Sustainable management is particularly important to us. We calculate responsibly and strive to stock up on all items as quickly as possible.

As a retailer, we want to do our bit for a better environment.

Our shipping packaging is therefore 100% recyclable.

To ensure that your order arrives safely and in an environmentally conscious manner, we only use paper filling materials. A small amount of recycable plastic is used to protect certain products.

Our parcels are delivered to you by post. Sustainability is a strategic focus at Swiss Post. In the core market of logistics services, they therefore rely on resource-saving and sustainable vehicles, products, services and processes.

In addition, we are in constant exchange with manufacturers and discuss sustainable optimisations or new solutions.

Your satisfaction is our priority! That’s why our Customer Service is always there to support you on your curling journey. If you have any questions about your order, the shipping status or a product, we are there for you personally and will always find a solution. Siztaz started out as a woman show and slowly she is getting more and more support behind the scene.

For capacity reasons, we are currently unable to offer personal and individual advice, as every hair type and every curl is unique and requires comprehensive advice. Our philosophy is not to simply sell you products or to persuade you to do something. We want to take the necessary time for you.
Of course, we are already working on a new business model so that we can continue to offer this in the future.
Same as our telephone service, we will be there soon to happily take your call.