How to take care of fine hair

feines hair

In Customer Support, we often receive questions about how to care for your fine curls or waves. Another frequently asked question is how to give your hair bounce, elasticity and volume.

What is fine hair and can you tell if you have it?

The difference between fine hair and thin hair is to do with the density of your hair and the thickness of the strands. With fine hair, you have lots of hairs with a small diameter. With thin hair, you can have thick hair strands but fewer of them.

Why does your hair lacks bounce, shine and elasticity?

  1. Build up The ingredients in your products (even if you are following a CG friendly routine) can build up on your hair causing it to be weighed down. A good clarifying shampoo can help get rid of build up.
  2. Heavy products – If your hair is fine or wavy, it can easily get weighed down if your conditioners and styling products have a lot of silicones, oils, butters . Use light water based products
  3. Over moisturised hair lacking Protein. We curlies can get so obsessed with hydration & moisture that we forget that protein (hair consist mostly out of keratin protein) is an equally important part of a healthy hair regime.
  4. Damage – Heat damage and damage from hair colouring can drastically loosen your curls. Though some deep conditioning and protein treatments can help it a bit, nothing is going to give you back your old curls like growing out the damage and cutting it off little by little.
  5. Excessive protein or moisture will cause hair to lose its bounce. Adding too much protein via your products can cause your hair to become brittle, stiff, and weighed down making it appear more limp
  6. Vital and nutrient deficiencies
  7. – Hormonal fluctuation due to pregnancy or menopause
  8. – Hormonal disorder


For fine hair, it is important that you pay attention to a balanced mixture between light moisturising products and products containing protein.

However, “less is more” also applies here.

If you are completely new to the curl journey, you should prepare your hair for care with the right products. To do this, use a cleansing shampoo that frees your hair from deposits such as silicones, build-up, etc. 👉🏽 a clarifying shampoo.

You can then use this, when you have the feeling of build-up (product residue).

It’s important to moisturise your hair again after a deep cleanse, and also to add proteins 👉🏽 e.g. with a hair mask or a deep conditioner.

For weekly care, use a gentle shampoo that does not dry out your fine hair. Follow with a conditioner that restores moisture and protein to your hair. For styling, it’s best to use a volumising mousse and a hold gel.


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Bonus tips

👉🏽 Use a volumising foam first, then add gel.

👉🏽 When styling with a brush, always make sure to comb your hair away from the roots.

👉🏽 When blow-drying, make sure that you alternate between laying your head to the sides and to the front and back. This will give your roots a nice voluminous bounce.

👉🏽Don’t reach in with your hands while your hair is wet or damp.

👉🏽 What challenges do you face with your fine hair?


Leave us a comment and share your experiences with our curl community. 🤗

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