How to protect your curly hair in winter?

How to protect your curly hair in winter?

Cold temperatures, wind, rain and even snow flakes? Winter is really here!

During this season our hair is exposed to new challenges  : sudden temperature change, dry cold, humidity, friction against scarves and hats, raised collars … We then see frizz , split ends , our hair is dry and brittle and our crushed curls .

The scalp and the lengths being damaged by all these hazards, the key word for this winter is SOFTNESS. No need to damage them more especially after a potential sudden hair loss in the fall.

Caring for the scalp in winter

If your roots tend to grease more in winter, do not multiply the washings! Choose for a mild but purifying shampoo to rebalance your scalp like the Les Secrets de Loly Perfect Clean Shampoo , perfect for regulating the sebum of your roots without drying out your hair. In case of dandruff or itching at the roots, the As I am Dry & Itchy Scalp care Shampoo, is the ideal solution to naturally treat your scalp and calm irritation.

If your scalp is rather dry and sensitive , go for very mild and moisturizing shampoos. The shampoo Curl Flo Green Tea & Organic Lemongrass Shampoo brings softness and shine to dry hair. The Shampoo Caribbean Coconut milk Shampoo by Alikay Naturals mosturizes the scalp and lengths.

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Your curly hair will grow faster and healthier if you take care of your scalp naturally.

Take care of curls in winter

To counter the harms of winter, it is essential to continue to hydrate and deeply nourish your curly hair . With the right natural care, the hair will be protected and strengthened to prevent breakage and split ends.

The vegetable oils bring all the nutrition that your hair needs for this winter! Let sit as a mask before shampooing (once a week or every two weeks) or apply a small amount on your curls daily to protect them.

To hydrate your curls during the winter and thus prevent frizz and dry hair, the key is to mask regularly.

Opt for a natural mask like those from the Siztaz Shop. Composed of the best moisturizing active ingredients, vitamins and nutrients, these masks will allow you to hydrate and nourish your hair. Regular masks help limit breakage, split ends and frizz. In other words, the perfect cocktail to sublimate your curls!

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After your shampoo, if your curls are looking for definition, opt for a styling cream or milk . These are very effective and complete leave-in care to be applied daily. Let’s not forget the protective sprays which protect the hair fiber from all the harsh winter conditions.

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Some tips for your curly hair in winter

In winter, it is often difficult to let your hair air dry without running the risk of catching a cold. To dry your hair gently without flattening your curls, your best friend will be the diffuser hair dryer . When using your hair dryer, use cold or lukewarm air instead to make sure you don’t damage your hair. It will allow you to dry your curls while disciplining them!

For the night, a pineapple hairstyle with a spiral elastic or a satin scrunchie to keep your curls without damaging them. Don`t forget to wear a satin bonnet at night and or a satin cushion cover.