How to choose a styling gel for curly hair?

What is a styling gel? Why use a styling gel for curly hair?

which styling gel for curly hair

The Styling gels

Definition :

Very often, styling gels are composed of moisturising agents only and has little effect on your curls. The aim is to provide a nice dose of moisture to the hair fibre and hold your curls in shape!

Effects of styling gel on curly hair:

In addition to moisturising the hair, the styling gel allows to :

hold the shape of the curls without a cardboard effect
maintain beautiful curls over several days
hold moisture in the hair fibre
limit the formation of frizz
provide softness

How to use a styling gel for your curly hair?

Apply the styling gel to wet hair. You can wet your hair by using a water spray bottle.

The gel can be used alone or after the styling cream. Take a small amount (quantity to be adapted according to the hair mass), which you distribute by scrunching!

Our lovely selection of styling gels:

For wavy, curly and frizzy hair and for a natural effect:

Nicht vorrätig
(9) CHF24.90 | 250ml
Nicht vorrätig
(5) CHF29.90 | 473ml

For fine wavy to curly hair:

Nicht vorrätig
(2) CHF22.90 | 300 ml

For curly, coily, kinky curls:

We very much hope that this article has taught you more about curly hair! And most importantly, that it has helped you find your perfect styling gel for your beauiful curls! 🌺

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