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Discover healthy, effective products for your curly hair. We work with dedicated and passionate brands that use natural ingredients from plants, flowers and trees. Make your curls look beautiful, no matter your hair type or texture. At Siztaz, you'll find the best natural care for your curly hair.


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Les Secrets de Loly

You can use the products every day, as the brand offers a complete range of natural products. Shampoos, conditioners, masks, styling gels and styling creams will take care of your hair.

Hair oil

Before shampooing, baths with vegetable oils are very effective to strengthen the curls, stimulate hair growth, nourish the lengths and prevent hair breakage in the tips.

Centifolia Natürliche Haarpflege

The Centifolia brand has a real passion for nature and makes all its hair care products from organic ingredients to care for curly hair.

Flora and Curl

Plant-based curl care products that address the basic needs of your curls. Simplify your curl care routine. Scientifically proven with high quality botanical ingredients for all curl types.

Shea Moisture

Transform your dry and brittle curls with Sheamoisture. Discover the ultimate moisture and nourishment collections. Say hello to healthy, beautiful hair today!

Lockenbox/ Setangebote %

Experience simple, tailored hair care with our specially designed packages! The packages are designed for different curl types and needs, making it easy for you to find the perfect products. No subscription box, just buy what you need when you need it.


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The products from Urtekram are natural and certified environmentally friendly. The brand is a pioneer in healthy and environmentally friendly hair products. The product range is rich and covers all needs, from cleansing to caring for your beautiful curls.


GYADA die best from Italy

Gyada Cosmetics is an Italian brand of natural products for curly hair. The most widely used brand in Italy. Gyada Cosmetics hair products are formulated with plant extracts, lovingly selected to celebrate curly hair.



French brand NOIREÔNATUREL celebrates natural beauty with products that are Ecocert certified. The formulas contain ingredients from the Afro-Caribbean biodiversity to meet the needs of all types of curly hair.


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